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Santa Rosa Wedding // Maggie + Scott

When I showed my husband the images from Maggie & Scott’s wedding, his first reaction was, “it’s just like our wedding!”. While looking through the photos he mentioned how you can see what pure souls Maggie and Scott are. I can attest to their genuine love and kindness, which extends beyond their own relationship and into the lives of everyone surrounding them. The sincerity of their wedding, was something truly special. When it comes to marriage and the celebration of families uniting, I don’t think there’s anything more beautiful than honest, meaningful moments of togetherness. Which is exactly what this wedding was. The unity of friends and family. The celebration of love and the beginning of new life.

During the reception I crossed paths with Maggie’s dad, we paused to talk for a moment. He said something that stuck with me – about how the world is full of wonderful people and we shouldn’t lose sight of that. I looked around and instantly felt a kinship with everyone there.

Thank you, Maggie and Scott –  and to all your family and friends for allowing me to document something truly beautiful.